Jumper Wire Zero Ohm Resistor
Type 104E, 106E
Welded cap and construction
Packing: Tape & Reeled or Bulk
Maximum Resistance: 0.0030 ohm
Lead Material:Leads are copperclad steel with SN solder coating to allow both welding & soldering operations.
Body Material: Epoxy coated metal body
Minimum Insulation Resistance: Dry, 10,000 megohm; Wet, 100 megohm
Minimum Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: Atmosphereic, 500 V RMS; Reduced, 325 VRMS
Insulation Flammability: Resistor insulation is self extinguishing within 10 seconds after externally applied flame is removed.
Current Rating: 25 amps at 25°C, derated to 0 amps at 150°C
Reel Capacity: 5,000 pcs
MO P/N Equiv. Wattage Dimensions (inch)
Length (L) ± .030 Diameter (D) ± .020 Lead Dia. ± .002
104E 1/8 .150 .080 .020
106E 1/4 .245 .085 .024

Jumper wires or crossovers, as they are sometimes called, are basically interconnection devices between points on a PC board. Generally are used for the following reasons:
1) Inability to connect two points on a PC board due to other circuit paths which must be crossed over.
2) An after-the-fact design change that requires new point connections.
3) Circuit tuning by changing point connections.
Micro Ohm's Zero Ohm jumper wires offer a quick simple solution to these problems. They are especially suited forautomatic machine insertion on lead tape, and are available in all packaging styles including pre-cut and formed leads for manual insertion.
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