HT Series, Thick Film Tubular type Non-Inductive Resistors for Ultra High Voltage and High Wattage Requirements
Ultra High Voltage, High Frequency Resistors, R-Value up to 10T
Terminations Available with Std. Caps or Corona Caps
Micro-Ohm offers the HT series to meet a general set of requirements Ultra high voltages at reasonable prices. HT series are available with Corona Caps or Standard Caps. A wide range of R-Values, tolerances, and TCR's are available.
Resistance Tolerances offered from 1% to 10% Resistance Range 10Ω to 10T
TCR: 40ppm/°C to 200ppm/°C Power Ratings up to 150 watts
Load Life Stability of 1.0% per 1000 hours Various Models with Voltage Ratings up to 800kV in oil, 150kV in free air.

Application Guide
Automated Test (ATE) Medical (Imaging) Ion Source
Chromatography (Gas) Medical (PET, CT) Medical (Radiation Therapy)
Military, Radar Plasmas, Lasers Measurements (High Voltage)
Capacitor Charging Microwave (Klystron) Medical (Blood Analysis)
Corona Generators Multichannel Analyzers Ozone Generating
Dectors Nuclear Gamma Cameras Electron Beam Testing
Surface Analysis CRT, X-Ray, MRI Electrophoresis
Image Intensifier Piezo, Focusing (Poling) High Voltage Dividers
Stress Testing Agricultural Sensors Ion Beam
Arc Furnace Damping High Voltage Snubbers Pulse Forming Networks
Energy Research
Tube Arc Protection


Resistance Tolerance: 1%,2%, 5%, 10%
Temperature Coefficient: Std. 100ppm/°C referenced to 25°C, from -15°C to +105°C. Other TCR on request.
Overload: 5 times rated power with applied voltage not to exceed 1.5 times Max. continuous operating voltage for 5 seconds, overload/overvoltage R, 0.50% max.
Thermal Shock: Mil-Std-202, Method-107, Cond. C R, 0.50% max.
Load Life: 1,000 hours at rated power R 1.00% typ.
Moisture Resistance: Mil-Std-202, Method-106,
R, 0.50%
Insulation Resistence: 10,000 Megohms Min.
Terminations: Al Alloy Cap, Bronze Corona Cap, Silver Metalized Terminals or Tinned Plated Steel Lugs
Encapsulation: Glass Coat std. Epoxy Coat available
Dimensions in milimeters
L B D Dia. with
Corona Ring
HT20 158 ±1.5 14 ±1 15 ±1 N/ A 10 ±1.5 M4
HT35 110 ±1.5 31 ±1 33 ±0.5 43 18 ±0.5 M6
HT50 160 ±1.5 31 ±1 33 ±0.5 43 18 ±0.5 M6
HT70 210 ±1.5 31 ±1 33 ±0.5 43 18 ±0.55 M6
HT100 310 ±1.5 31 ±1 33 ±0.5 43 18 ±0.5 M6
HT150 310 ±1.5 40 ±1 45 ±1.0 59 21 ±0.5 M6

@ 50°C
Max. Continuous
Oper. Volt [kV]
Single Impulse Volt*
1.2/50µs [kV]
Std. R-
value (Ω)
Low Extended
R-value (Ω)
R-value (Ω)
HT20 20 40 77 1K~1G 20R~0.9K 1.1G~10T
HT35 30 30 50 1K~1G 10R~0.9K 1.1G~10T
HT50 50 48 77 1K~1G 10R~0.9K 1.1G~10T
HT70 70 65 100 1K~1G 10R~0.9K 1.1G~10T
HT100 100 100 150 1K~1G 10R~0.9K 1.1G~10T
HT150 150 100 150 1K~1G 10R~0.9K 1.1G~10T
* Specification for 20kΩ ~ 1000MΩ only
Purpose of Corona Ring End Caps:
The corona ring end cap provides additional protection to the electrical field during pulsing or high voltage.
Example: 70W 1Meg 5%
*for corona end cap add "C" after P/N
F = 1%
G = 2%
J = 5%
K = 10%
Derating Curve
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