MV250, 250 W ~ 600W, Mountable
Non-Inductive, High Frequency and High Voltage Resistors
MV250 is a Non-Inductive design. These elements are ideally suited for highfrequency and pulse load applications. By direct mounting on a heatsink significant cost advantages can be realized for power applications from 250W to 600W.

Main Applications
Variable speed drives, ship, train RF Termination
Power supplies Control Devices
Telecom Robotics
Motor Controls Dynamic Braking and other switching designs

MV250 Non-Inductive
250W ~ 600W Mountable
High Frequency Resistor
Heat Sink Mountable with Screw
RF Terminal - Shunt
Inverter - Motor Braking
Pulse & Plasma

Resistance Values: 1 to 2M other Value on request
Resistance Tolerance: 10% Std., 1%, 2%, 5% other on request
Temperature Coefficient: ±100ppm/°C typ. other on request
Max. Working Voltage: 5,000V DC, higher voltage on request, not exceeding max. power
Single Shot Voltage: Up to 12kV Normwave (1.5/50µsec)
Insulation Resistance: 10G min. at 500V
Creeping Distance: 42mm min.
Inductance: 50nH
Capacity/Ground: 110pF
Capacity/Resistive: 40pF
Operation Temperature: -55°C to +155°C
Max. Torque for Contacts: 2Nm
Max. Torque for Mounting: 18Nm
Rating Power: 250W at 50°C Heatsink Temperature
Higher Power: 600 Watt at 5°C Heatsink Temperature
Dielectric Strength: Up to 12kV
Termination to Contacts: M5 screws
Required thermal transfer compound of heat conductivity: 1W/°Cm
Flatness of Heat Sink: 0.05mm
Roughness of Heat sink surface: 6.4µm
Isolation Voltage (Terminal to Heatsink): 7kVms
Other Requirements:
(1) Insulating material is not necessary between flange and resistors, flange and resistor are separated by alumina substrate.
(2) At surface mount soldering, temperature profile in tab shall not exceed 220°C
The described specifications & dimensions subject to change without notice.
Derating Curve
Example: 250W 1Meg 5%
F = 1%
G = 2%
J = 5%
K = 10%
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