ST & STR Pulstor, Thick Film Non-Inductive
Resistors for Plasma & Impulse Circuits
High Voltage, High Frequency Resistors, Resistance Range up 1 Ohm to 2 Megohms
Micro-Ohm offers the "Pulstor" Series resistor to meet pulse and impulse power applications for controlling high pulse energy requirements. This resistor offers impulse energy at high frequency, surge at high voltage and high ohmic values.
Resistance Tolerances from 2% to 10% Various Models for high voltage & high frequency
Non-Inductive High Frequency High temp. & solvent proof epoxy or glass conformal coat
Resistance Range to 2 megohms Power Ratings up to 2500 joules at single impulse

Application Guide
Cap Charger Surge Arrestor
Plasma Generators Soft Starter
Pulse Circuitry Motor Drives
Impulse Circuitry Power Supplies
Pulse Generators Power Conversions
Resonant Circuitry / Tanks Audio Amp
High Surge Energy In-Rush Current Limitings
Shunt Loud Speaker
Dynamic Braking Inverters
2%, 5%, 10%
Temperature Coefficient:
Std. 100ppm/°C ref. to 25°C, from -15°C to +105°C. Other TCR on request.
Short Time Overload:
10x rated power for 5 seconds on 5 secs off 5 cycles
R 1.5%
Thermal Shock:
Mil-Std-202, Method-107, Cond. C,
R, 2.0% typ.
Resistance Range:
1 R to 2 Meg
Load Life:
1,000 hours at rated power
R, 5.0% max.
Repeative High Voltage Impulsing:
10,000 cycles 1 sec. on, 1 sec. off
R, 2.0%
Single High Voltage Impulsing:
at rated energy
R, 1.50% typ.
Moisture Resistance:
Mil-Std-202, Method-106, Cond. C, R, 1.0% max.
Lead Material:
Tinned Cu. wire
STR 10 & 15 Ni plated brass
Insulation Resistance:
10,000 Megohms Min.
Termination Cap Material:
Ni or Plated Brass
High temperature epoxy, silicone or glass
Axial Specifications
Model No. Power
@ 60°C
Max. Working Voltage [kV] Max Single Impulse Volt [kV]
Joules Max at Single Impulse Resistance Ohms
Min. Max.
ST2 2 3.5 7 300 1R0 2M
ST3.5 3.5 7 14 500 3R0 2M
ST5 5 10 20 950 5R0 2M
The working voltage Limited by Power. Custom R values on request. Allowable impulse energy depends on R-Value. Impulse width 10mSec.
Axial Dimensions
Model No. Dimensions in millimeters
A ±1.0 B ±1.0 C
ST2 24.0 8.0 1.0
ST3.5 39.0 8.0 1.0
ST5 52.0 8.0 1.0
4 Lead Radial
Side View End View
Radial Specifications
Model No. Power
@ 60°C
Max. Working Voltage[kV] Max Single Pulse Volt [kV]
Joules Max at Single Pulse Resistance Ohms
Min. Max.
STR10 10 8 15 1500 1R5 2M
STR15 15 12 22 2500 2R5 2M
Single pulse width shall be less than 10µs at 1 R ~20kΩ and less than 10ms at 22kΩ~2MΩ
Radial Dimensions All Tol. ± 2.0
Model No. Dimensions in millimeters
STR10 42 18 31
STR15 60 18 49
Derating Curve
Example: 5W 1Meg 5%
G = 2%
J = 5%
K = 10%
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