VM-35 Non-Inductive
Thick Film 35W Resistors
The VM-35 is a 35W high power resistor when mounted on a proper heat sink. It is encased in a TO-220 style molded package for through-hole applications. The Non-inductive design fits high frequency applications and high-speed pulse circuits. Heat is extracted through a insulated metal tab. Small size and thin profile fit for high-density compact installations.

Inverters RF
High Frequency SMPS
Soft Start power unit for machine, motor control, drive circuit, industrial & automobile, measurements.

TO-220 Package Dimensions

Rating Power: 35W -55°C to +25°C Tap Temperature with heat sink
Rating Power: 2.25 Watt without heat sink @ 25°C
Resistance Range: .1 to 10k other value on request
TCR: .1 -10 100ppm, >10 - 10k 50ppm
Tolerance: 1% (F) and 5% (J), 2% (G)
Operation Temp. Range: -55°C to +175°C
Max. Operating Voltage: 500V or sqrt(PR)
Withstanding Voltage: DC 2000 Volt 60 seconds
Load Life: R 1.0% at 25°C, 90 min. ON, 30 min. OFF, 1000 hours.
Humidity: R 1.0% at 40°C, 90-95%RH, DC 0.1W, 1000 hours.
Temp. Cycle: R 0.25% at -55°C 30 min., +155°C 30 min., 20 cycles
Short Time Overload: R 0.25% 2 times rating power, 5 seconds
Soldering Heat: R 0.1% 350 ±5°C, 3 sec.
Insulation Resistance: 10,000 Meg ohm
Vibration: R 0.25%
Dielectric Strength: 1800 VAC
Lead Material: Tin Cu
Other Requirements:
(1) Insulating material is not necessary between flange and resistors, flange and resistor are separated by alumina substrate.
(2) At surface mount soldering, temperature profile in tab shall not exceed 220°C
The described specifications & dimensions subject to change without notice.

How to Order:
Example: VM35 10 ohm 5%
VM35 10R0 J
Type Resistance
4th digit = No. of zeros
less than 100 ohm use R for decimal
F = 1%
G = 2%
J = 5%

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