"57 Years of Resistor Technology"

A word about the company you're dealing with...

Micro-Ohm Corporation had its beginning in 1960. It began as a small precision resistor company. Its goal was to manufacture the finest precision wirewound resistors made. In 1966 a line of precision power resistors was added.

In the early 1980's we added additional items which are shown on our website. Please click on "Resistor Guide" for our complete line of resistors.

Today we are housed in a modern 12,000 sq ft building and employ 75 people. Our production lines are completely computerized for instant access to your order and our inventory is also fully computerized. Our quality, service and competitive pricing is second to none in the industry.

Stock items can be shipped the same day your order is received and production items take from two days to four weeks depending on the complexity of the part and size of the order.

Micro-Ohm maintains and advance data terminal to give you the information you need:

We can tell you immediately whether an item is in stock.

If an item is in production, the exact stage it is in, along with an accurate delivery forecast. The ability to expedite or push back an order if a change is needed.

Micro-Ohm can provide you the kind of information needed for your production planning. It's the kind of service you deserve - all available from Micro-Ohm Corporation.

Thank you for your interest in our company and we welcome your comments.


On Time Delivery Competitive Pricing
All Items are RoHS Compliant
  Featured Resistors:
  Ultra High Voltage Ceramic Power Resistors see Specifications
  High Voltage Glaze Resistors see Specifications
  Chip-SMD Pulse w/ Standing Thick Film PW Series - New - see Specifications
  Chip-SMD High Power CT Series to 2W see Specifications
  Chip-SMD High Voltage HV Series to 3KV see Specifications
Chip-SMD VR Series .01%, 5PPM in 500 pc Lots see Specifications
  High Pulse Thick Film ST & STR 2-5W, 1ohm-2 meg see Specifications
  Precision W.W. 100 Series .005-1% (1/16-2.5W) see Specifications
  Precision Metal PL .1ohm-20ohm .05-5% see Specifications
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